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DOT Containers

DOT Containers

Since 1936, CBC Global has been manufacturing specialized containers or drums to transport liquid and gas commodities in various hazard classes. Our single goal is to ensure that our customers do not have a release of any commodity.

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Galvanizing Kettles

Galvanizing Kettles

CBC Global has been manufacturing kettles for the Hot Dip Galvanizing, Continuous Strip Galvanizing, and Annealing industries for over 100 years and is recognized worldwide for being a market leader in quality, reliability, and service.

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Specialty Containers

At CBC Global, we work directly with our customers to fabricate custom non-DOT (Special Permit) Specification Cylinders (Portable Vessels). This process includes developing concepts, designs, engineering, CAD drawings, final designs, manufacturing, and sales. These cylinders all conform to the US Department of Transportation (DOT), Transport Canada (TC), and European regulations.

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Custom Fabrication

From our roots in manufacturing and riveting steel boilers to fabricating custom stainless-steel containers suitable for rocket propellants, CBC manufactures custom products to the highest standards.

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Industries Served

  • Aerospace/Hypergolic
  • Chemical and Pressurized Gas
  • Continuous Strip Galvanizing
  • Food Manufacturing and Processing
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Water Municipalities
  • Wire Line Galvanizing
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Industries Served

Our Products Are Trusted By Top Companies Including

United Combustion Services

Since 1975, United Combustion & Services has worked with LPG and natural gas industrial furnaces and controls. With offices in strategic locations around the world, projects include hundreds of installations in many countries across five continents.

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What Our Clients Say

CBC is a valuable asset to us— supplying quality, efficiency and value for 20+ years.

Wesco HMB

CBC delivers on time and the work is always top quality. always willing go the extra mile.

Hawkins, Inc.

CBC has been a trusted supplier for many years. The product is always top quality and stands the test of time.

Armour Galvanizing, LTD

Having tested many CBC Ton Containers used for Chlorine, Ammonia and SO2, over the past 30 years, we can certify their great quality.


CBC has been a quality supplier of Chlorine containers of great quality and value over many years.